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Why do data centers need regular cleaning? Structural components of the data center, such as stringers, rack braces, and floor tiles, are electroplated with multiple metals. Zinc is the most common metal that contributes to this end. Most of these services produce delicate filaments of zinc metal that push minor problems into the surface, forming zinc whiskers. Under certain conditions, these whiskers can seriously impair the functioning of IT equipment.

Understand the growth of zinc whiskers

To affect equipment, these whiskers can be of minimal length, and different whiskers can be in the air at the same time. The distance between the target and the whisker source must be short while the packaging technology within the PCB must allow the whisker to be shorted within the conductor. The most dangerous time for problems caused by zinc whiskers is during installation work, particularly near the front of cabinets and servers. With proper care, you can get it done non-stop.

If you suspect zinc whisker problems, you need to take some necessary steps to troubleshoot power issues and general malfunctions. With replaced units and proper data management, you can reduce the impact of zinc whiskers on the system.

  • recognition. You can use the comprehensive guide to identify potential zinc whisker problems and the growing material. It helps you to manage data properly.
  • Sample analysis: Experts can send you sampling steps, or you can collect the samples from the suspect area. They use electron microscopy and optical microscopy images with EDX ray analysis to determine the presence of zinc whiskers. In addition, if you enlist the help of professionals, you will have a comprehensive report on each sample that talks about the effects and results.
  • On-site inspection: Experts inspect each object in the information center and determine if each can grow into zinc whiskers. When they find suspicious whiskers, they collect samples and use the electron microscope to measure the length while emitting EDX rays to check whether the whisker composition is a different metal or zinc. With the help of this information, they understand the extent of the problem and hence take the following steps.

Professionals have the expertise to give you appropriate solutions to such problems. Regular cleaning removes deposits and helps keep data centers running smoothly.

Eliminate zinc whiskers

If the presence of zinc whiskers is confirmed, the experienced technicians safely remove them using proven strategies. They also take steps to remove zinc whiskers from the cabinet. Having cleaned the surface of the whiskers, you reduce the likelihood of their growth and reproduction. Experts then recommend a revisit after 3 to 6 months to check if there is regrowth or not.

Whether these whiskers are growing under the floor tiles or the galvanized surface, it is essential to replace them with an alternative that is not electro-galvanized. In addition, since the prevalence of these whiskers is well known at the Information Center, options are available to prevent and remove zinc whiskers from the area.

  • understanding of the exchange process

The replacement procedure is not difficult, but it requires caution and care. The whiskers can continue to damage the data center from the airflow. Before you begin, you need to reduce, direct, and contain airflow to prevent broken whiskers from affecting sensitive equipment.

Once professionals have created the protection, you need to remove the elements that are already electro-galvanized. Then separate each piece to minimize its connection to the airflow and prevent zinc whiskers from spreading. You can refer to it Alterum Technologies data center updates to understand more about such problems. If you work with a specialist, he will help you with several services. They offer an on-site inspection to prevent these whiskers from multiplying on different surfaces.

Once you remove these items from the data center, special vacuum cleaners will help clean the air plenum and remove any remaining particles in the cooling system. When you enter the clean area, begin laying the new flooring. To prevent further occurrence of zinc whiskers, you need to follow some recommendations from the specialist. The best way to protect the data center from zinc whiskers is to limit the growth of these elements.

Remember these will grow on galvanized surfaces. So when you lay new floors, you need to be careful not to spread zinc crystals. Some high-quality products have a hot-dip galvanized coating. It provides a protective layer against zinc. But even these coatings may not work without proper monitoring and control.

You can also consider powder coating, which is an affordable option. Although less effective, various data centers have found several benefits with the help of powder coating. It helps you eliminate electro galvanized metal; Therefore, the data center has no problems with zinc whiskers.

An important point to keep in mind is that regular cleaning and maintenance is required to ensure the zinc whisker problem does not start or flourish.

Rid your data center of zinc whiskers for successful operation!

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