Here’s how to watch Nvidia’s RTX 4090 launch at GTC 2022

Nvidia kicks off its GTC 2022 fall event next week, where we’ll likely see the launch of the RTX 4090. While Nvidia is, as always, tight-lipped about what products it has in store, a number of leaks and rumors have indicated that we’ll see the launch of the RTX 4090 – and possibly other GPUs – during the keynote.

It’s possible we’ll see more than just next-gen GPUs, too. Here’s how to watch the launch of the RTX 4090 live and what to expect from the presentation.

Here’s how to see the Nvidia RTX 4090 launch at GTC 2022

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will deliver the company’s GTC 2022 keynote on Tuesday, September 20 at 8:00 a.m. PT. The presentation will likely be streamed on Nvidia’s YouTube channel, but you can bookmark it Stream link also on Nvidia website. We’ll embed the stream here when it’s available, but in the meantime you can check out a quick teaser for the event above.

While the Executive Keynote is what most people brace themselves for, Nvidia’s Fall GTC event lasts most of the week. It runs completely virtual from September 19th to 22nd. You can attend additional developer sessions – you can register and schedule on Nvidia’s GTC landing page – but they focus on how developers can use Nvidia’s tools, not new product announcements.

Registration is required to participate in the developer sessions. However, the keynote does not require registration and should be streaming on Nvidia’s YouTube channel.

What to expect from the launch of the Nvidia RTX 4090

The first thing to expect from the launch of the RTX 4090 is, well, the RTX 4090. Although Nvidia hasn’t confirmed any details about the card or even that it’s called the RTX 4090, we have saw the full specs leaked a few days ago. According to the leak, Nvidia will announce the RTX 4090 and two RTX 4080 models – a 12GB variant and a 16GB variant.

It’s all but confirmed that Nvidia will launch its next-gen GPUs, which are rumored to offer twice the performance of the current generation. Some leakers say that the main feature of these cards is a configurable TDP. The story goes that each card will have a baseline power draw consistent with what you would expect from a GPU, but that users can allocate more power to the card to boost performance.

There’s a chance we’ll see more than the new maps as well. Nvidia has been teasing something called Project Beyond for a few weeks, posting vague videos on the GeForce Twitter account showing a desktop setup adorned with various clues. A recent video showed the PC starting a render in Adobe Media Encoder, suggesting it might have something to do with creative apps.

Speed ​​matters…#ProjectBeyond
8 a.m. PDT

– NVIDIA Studio (@NVIDIAStudio) 09/16/2022

While it’s possible that Project Beyond is just Nvidia’s branding for the RTX 4090 launch, it’s likely something else. In Nvidia’s recent conference call, the company said it plans to reach “new market segments… with our gaming technology.”

That could mean anything, but we can still make some educated guesses. Last year, Nvidia shared a demo of games running on ARM PCs, laying the groundwork for ARM-based games in the future. Although Nvidia’s failed acquisition of ARM, there’s still a good chance the companies will work closely together.

New market segments could mean PCs that don’t use traditional x86 CPUs like those offered by Intel and AMD. This is pure speculation, but ARM gaming has been a big focus for Nvidia for some time, and the company is making some of its gaming features available to developers working on ARM applications.

Project Beyond could also be a tool for creators. Not only has Nvidia teased video encoding, but CEO Jensen Huang specifically addressed streamers, vloggers, and other types of content creators during the company’s recent conference call.

However, we’ll have to wait until the keynote before we know for sure. The RTX 4090 announcement is almost a surefire deal, but it looks like Nvidia has an additional surprise in store as well.

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