China’s first fully dedicated gaming GPU, coming in 2025 from Shanghai-based chipmaker Muxi

China’s GPU market is heating up as several domestic chipmakers are developing or offering their products either in offices, industrial applications and for mainstream client computing needs. But the market is wide open for a true gaming GPU, and it looks like Shanghai-based chipmaker Muxi has taken on the task of bringing China’s first gaming GPU to market by 2025.

China is gearing up for its domestic gaming GPU revolution By 2025, Muxi’s first 7nm chip will already be on the market

Muxi (Muxi Integrated Circuit Shanghai Co Ltd), a chip manufacturer from Shanghai, China, was founded back in 2020 and provides high-performance AI and general-purpose chips to the Chinese domestic market. While China is slowly narrowing the gap between Intel and AMD in the CPU segment, there is still a big gap in GPU performance.

NVIDIA and AMD are accelerating exponentially with each generation, and so far we’ve seen attempts by Chinese GPU manufacturers not be as successful. While there is some hope for Chinese GPUs in the general-purpose computing and HPC segment with the unveiling of the Birentech BR100 GPU, the client-side performance is years behind, with the best graphics cards only offering GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti PS provide level.

Muxi says they are aware. While in January the company launched its first heterogeneous GPU, also utilizing a 7nm process node but targeting AI inference, with target markets such as AI, autonomous driving, industrial and manufacturing automation, smart cities, edge computing and natural language is edited. They also have a second flagship GPU in R&D that will go into mass production around 2024. However, both GPUs are once again dedicated to AI. Also, most of the domestic Chinese GPUs aimed at customers are not built exclusively for gaming purposes, but are intended for other segments, where gaming is an add-on, and they lack the power to provide a smooth experience, like here see is.

Image Credit: Jason R Wilson. Assets from Innosilicon and Canva.

That’s where Muxi’s next-gen gaming GPU comes in. The company is launching a new GPU in 2025 that will launch in 2025 and will be fully dedicated to gaming. The GPU will feature all essential graphics rendering techniques and will support modern APIs.

This will be in direct competition with Innosilicon’s Fantasy One and Fantasy Two chips, which are already shipping to Chinese customers. The muxi gaming GPU is backed up at launch with the right software optimization, support and drivers.

Meanwhile, Innosilicon is working on its third fantasy chip that will support real-time ray tracing, while Zhaoxin plans to break into the integrated GPU market with a bang and compete with its next-gen offerings against AMD APUs. Having a dedicated gaming GPU in the entry-level and mainstream segment could end up being a huge blow to NVIDIA and AMD in the Chinese GPU segment as they account for a large user base.

News source: MyDrivers

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