Evolutio becomes a launch partner of US-based company MSP Harness

Harness, the US-based modern software delivery platform, recently launched the Harness Global Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner program. The program helps organizations working with trusted MSPs to manage their cloud spend, usage and resources with the Harness Cloud Cost Management (CCM) module with support from their MSP of choice.

Cloud adoption is a business imperative because it can help organizations accelerate software delivery. However, getting started can be complicated and expensive. According to a recent study, organizations waste over 30% of their cloud spend because they don’t have the knowledge or support to make the most of it. MSPs provide the expertise, support, and technology businesses need to transition to the cloud and effectively manage costs.

“Enterprises are keen to move to the cloud, but many are struggling with the complexities and costs associated with this transition.” said Jason Eubanks, Chief Revenue Officer, Harness. “The Harness Global MSP Partner Program allows customers to leverage our software delivery platform and cloud cost management capabilities along with the support, services and training of an MSP partner.”

The new MSP program enables Harness MSP partners to offer the Harness CCM module to help FinOps, DevOps and IT teams manage cloud computing resources and implement automation to reduce cloud costs support. Harness will continue to add its full suite of modules to the program, which includes continuous delivery, continuous integration, service reliability management, feature flags, security test orchestration, and chaos engineering.

This MSP offering leverages the momentum of Harness’ $230 million Series D funding to help organizations in their digital transformation and migration to the cloud.

Evolutio is the first partner of Harness MSP

Leading cloud-based service provider Evolutio is expanding its current partnership with Harness as Harness’s first MSP partner. Evolutio provides professional services and solves the operational challenges of building and scaling enterprise applications for its customers.

“Harness has proven to be the game-changing leader in helping organizations adapt to the ever-changing cloud landscape by enabling IT and development teams to efficiently deploy software.” said Adam Ties, CEO and co-founder of Evolutio. “Our expanded partnership combines Evolutio’s professional services expertise with Harness’s industry-leading cloud expense management capabilities, positioning us to deliver immense value to our customers.”

Bob Dyksen, Director of Automation at Evolutiosaid “The CCM MSP solution that we can now offer our customers further supports our mission. We’re excited as it truly enables us to meet our customers’ pace, accelerate cloud migration, democratize cloud spend and realize real cloud savings. With multiple stakeholders involved in a client’s digital journey, our goal was to provide teams with the right information at the right time and when they need it. The Harness CCM function fulfills this need perfectly. The MSP is designed to help our customers focus on what matters most: their business.”

Evolutio’s CCM Managed Services solution software, powered by Harness CCM, can help organizations create dashboards that show them what they need to do to improve their cloud infrastructure. The software also helps identify unexpected cloud spend and stop non-production cloud workloads. As part of managed services, Evolutio’s experts are available on call, allowing teams from different departments to collaborate on data-driven decisions. Cloud cost savings of 20-60% can be achieved, much of which is saved automatically depending on cloud inventory and purpose.

Leveraging CCM along with Evolutio’s experience in delivering professional services will help organizations enable culture shift and significant cloud cost savings.

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