Autistic community slams TikToker Britt Barbie

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If you’ve scrolled down your social media feed, you’ve probably at some point stumbled upon Britt Barbie, the viral TikTok star who’s making internet waves with her new song “Period Ahh, Period Uhh.” We have to be honest, it’s not very catchy and super redundant, but in the last week the repetitive tune has caught the attention of some big names in music.

Chloe Bailey recently did her own version of the song, and up-and-coming femcee Yung Baby Tate shared some cool verses about the TikTok viral trend.

While some seem to be celebrating Britt Barbie’s track, a lot of people on social media have a bone to pick with the influencer. A couple of videos posted to one of Barbie’s accounts, @brittbarbie3, show her speaking with a speech impediment. Some fans of the internet sensation were under the impression that she had some kind of disability.

This week, social media detectives uncovered some videos where the TikTok star can be heard speaking unhindered. llike her recent interview with music journalist Speedy Roman.

Britt Barbie has been slammed on social media for allegedly faking her disability

Now some members of the autistic community believe the influencer is faking her disability. A content creator on TikTok named @jerseyboydrew has slammed the star for using the alleged fake speech impediment to gain influence on social media.

“I have high-functioning autism, so it’s crazy to me that people like you are doing this on this app for gifts, money, viewers and followers,” said the frustrated TikToker. “People just really need to grow up!”

One user commented in response to the video: “Thank you for posting this video. This needs to be heard, it needs to be cancelled. I’m autistic, I saw the videos on Tik Tok too and to be honest…I was offended.”

Some social media visitors urged fans to stop spreading the internet personality’s content following the rumor.

“When are we going to stop talking about this? She doesn’t deserve all this hype and attention,” asked a user named @boojheto on Instagram.

Of course, some people rushed in to defend the young TikTok rapper, like @wtfeversolo, who tweeted, “You guys talk shit about Britt Barbie but her TikTok is the most innocent and cutest thing ever.” (I’m sure she might have a developmental disorder as well).”

It’s unclear if Britt Barbie has a developmental disability, but for her to pretend to have a speech disorder in order to gain popularity would be terribly disrespectful to people who are part of the community. There is nothing trending about the lived experiences of people who are struggling to function in mainstream society because of language disabilities or other developmental disabilities that may impact their daily lives.

Britt Barbie says she has no illness

A user on Twitter found a video posted by Barbie’s other account @brittbarbie3 in May of her talking about a guy on Instagram asking her if she has an illness.

“I said what do you mean about my condition? And he says, “Do you have autism or Down syndrome?” and I said no, not that I know of…like no.” She goes on to say that a lot of people keep asking about her condition, to which she replies, “I don’t have…that’s how I look.”

What do you think of Britt Barbie’s TikTok song? Mute the comments.

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