Workspot launches the Cloud Alliance program, an innovative program for end-user computing partners

CAMPBELL, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Workspot, the cloud PC company, today announced the launch of its Cloud Alliance program, an invitation-only cloud-forward partner program. Through the program, Workspot offers its members the opportunity to sell its cloud PC solutions to customers. Workspot will work closely with members of the Cloud Alliance program to help customers accelerate their cloud transformation projects.

Historically, partner programs have been very transactional with limited collaboration between vendors and channel partners. Through the Cloud Alliance program, Workspot transforms the relationship between technology provider, channel partner and customer, creating a clear focus on customer success. Additionally, the shift from selling on-premises solutions to focusing on SaaS is at the core of long-term partner growth and overall success.

“Customers are looking for solutions that will accelerate their digital transformation in a multi-cloud world. We are proud to work with cloud-first partners who enable us to work together to simplify our customers’ digital transformation,” said Amitabh Sinha, CEO and co-founder of Workspot.

Workspot has onboarded some of the world’s leading end-user computing partners, including Ferroque Systems and Entisys 360. At the core of the program is the selection of cloud-forward partners with extensive VDI experience who understand the need to move desktop workloads to the cloud shift to lead their customers into the future. Workspot found it critical to select partners who have a strong culture of customer centricity, empathy for the importance of end-user experience, and a collaborative mindset that drives the customer’s overall success.

Ferroque Systems, a provider of digital workspace and virtualization services, sees a significant opportunity to help customers modernize end-user computing through the deployment of Workspot Cloud PCs and workstations. “SaaS applications are growing in popularity because of their operational efficiencies,” said Michael Shuster, CEO of Ferroque. “With the post-pandemic market doubling for digital workspaces across all workstyles, we see the shift from desktop workloads to a SaaS model as transformative for our customers with unique advantages over other digital workspace models.”

Todd Hsu, President of Ferroque, added, “Most of our customers have a multi-cloud strategy, allowing them to optimize features and costs. Workspot delivers on this strategy with its ability to deploy cloud PCs across multiple clouds, easily manage and monitor them from a single management console, and scale globally in minutes so our customers can respond immediately to new opportunities. This is a great formula for customer success.”

“Customers are looking to the cloud to achieve new levels of agility and security, and cloud PCs have quickly become an integral part of enterprise cloud-forward strategies,” said Mike Strohl, CEO of Entisys 360. “The Workspot’s SaaS platform makes it easy for us to move desktop workloads to the cloud and give our customers the flexibility and reliability they need to keep up with a complex and ever-changing business environment.”

In today’s IT landscape, access to multi-cloud solutions is critical for customers to transform the end-user experience and achieve unprecedented levels of agility, security, and reliability. As organizations mature their cloud-first strategies, they turn to their trusted consulting partners for cloud solutions that modernize end-user computing. Just as many enterprise applications are now delivered as SaaS solutions, the modern desktop is now a cloud PC delivered as a service with massively simplified management. This model allows channel partners to easily meet customer demands while building a recurring revenue stream for their own business.

The Workspot Cloud Alliance program is redefining traditional partner programs and generating new revenue opportunities for members. Both parties work closely together to provide customers with the full range of technology, solution expertise and growth thinking, with continuous customer satisfaction being the benchmark for all parties’ success. Customers benefit from SaaS flexibility with predictable pricing tailored to each use case and instant global scalability to respond to new opportunities. Multi-layered security enforces the Zero Trust policy, and innovative high-availability features unmatched in the industry keep the business running during a continuity event. These key capabilities are accelerating digital transformation and future-proofing organizations’ technology stacks to be ready for anything in today’s dynamic business environment.

Workspot is the only solution on the market that offers multi-cloud support for cloud PCs, including the big three public clouds, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, giving customers the ultimate freedom to choose best-in-class cloud capabilities every use case. With Workspot’s very high level of customer satisfaction, including an NPS score of 76 and a 100 percent customer support satisfaction rating, Cloud Alliance program members can also have complete confidence in providing their customers with the very best end-user computing solution .

To learn more about the Workspot Cloud Alliance program, please visit: Workspot Solution Partners Page

About Workspot

Workspot is the only cloud-native solution that delivers enterprise-class cloud PCs. This innovative service enables IT to securely stream the right computing capabilities for any user, on any device, wherever they choose to work. As the only cloud PC solution operating on all major public clouds – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud – Workspot is uniquely positioned to address today’s remote work challenges by giving end users a multi-cloud – and multi-region approach provides arithmetic. Easy to deploy, scale and operate, Workspot’s award-winning cloud PC solution benefits both IT and end users with a seamless work experience that boosts productivity while maintaining the highest performance standards for intensive workloads. For more information on Workspot’s cloud PC solutions, visit

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