Amazon Web Services Mexico wants to strengthen local services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Mexico plans to open a local hub in the first quarter of 2023 to increase bandwidth for customers in the region, Luis Velasco, director of cloud computing unit for Mexico, wrote to Reuters on Wednesday. September).

This hub would add compute, storage, database and various other services closer to large populations and IT centers. It would increase bandwidth for applications like streaming videos.

The hub leverages infrastructure delivery known as “local zones” to build applications for real-time gaming, hybrid migrations, content creation, and engineering. AWS Mexico will also open new offices in Guadalajara and Monterrey early next year and is building alliances with various local companies.

Telecom company Totalpay, owned by Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas, will offer cloud services consulting for AWS, according to Fernando Zamora, director of products and marketing at Totalpay.

This is because Mexico is the fourth most important cloud market in America, after the United States, Canada and Brazil, according to Zamora.

Amazon has also recently had success buying “Thursday Night Football,” which PYMNTS said was a “flea flicker” that saw action “move down” as cuts and slashes took place elsewhere on subscription services.

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But TNF’s Amazon broadcast resulted in a record number of new Prime subscriptions for a three-hour period, eclipsing other events like Cyber ​​Monday and Prime Day.

Amazon also recently scored another win for Prime Video when its series Rings of Power reportedly drew over 25 million viewers worldwide on day one – the biggest premiere in the history of the streaming service.

The strategy the company is employing is to add value to core Amazon Prime subscriptions, with large investments designed to make expensive Amazon Prime subscriptions worthwhile. Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year.

PYMNTS’ Karen Webster recently wrote that Amazon Prime’s actions give the company more opportunities to monetize viewers in a variety of ways, with the potential to integrate payments into digital activities that customers have been working on.

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