Aetina introduces E2E AI management solution powered by NVIDIA AI

Aetina, a leading provider of AI solutions, unveiled its end-to-end AI management solution in an NVIDIA GTC on-demand session this week.

The solution helps Aetina’s global AI partners and customers successfully adopt edge AI using NVIDIA AI development and deployment tools, as well as Aetina’s NVIDIA AI-powered training and inference platforms.

During the session, Jeremy Pan, Product Manager for AI Solutions at Aetina, dived deep into Aetina’s solution and shared an impressive use case of AI-powered Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) at a customer’s factory in Yilan, Taiwan.

Aetina Pro-AI Service – a service designed to assist Aetina’s global partners and customers in adopting AI for various vertical applications using Aetina’s Edge AI hardware and software.

Edge AI adoption challenges

To adopt edge AI, system integrators and developers need to train AI models and deploy them to edge devices. The AI ​​model training process involves collecting and labeling large amounts of data using high-performance computing platforms, which can result in high training costs. These factors make the training process for system integrators and developers challenging and time-consuming.

Deploying AI models can also be difficult when the system integrators and developers have multiple remote edge devices in different locations. Challenges in deploying AI models include optimizing models for inference so they can run efficiently on edge devices, lengthy deployment processes, difficulties in team communication and collaboration, high follow-up costs of monitoring by a large Number of AI models, security issues, and high cost.

End-to-end AI management solution

Aetina offers an end-to-end solution to help its partners and customers develop and deploy AI applications to the edge. The solution consists of NVIDIA-certified edge computing platforms from Aetina and NVIDIA’s AI modeling and deployment tools. These tools include NVIDIA Fleet Command™ and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite, which provides enterprise support for the NVIDIA TAO toolkit and the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server.

With Aetina’s NVIDIA-certified edge computing platforms and other NVIDIA tools, Aetina streamlines the AI ​​training and deployment process, helping partners and customers adopt edge AI faster.

Running use case in smart factory

One of Aetina’s customers, a global provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM solutions, planned to add AI-powered AOI systems to its factory to increase productivity. The Flash and DRAM products that Aetina’s customer manufactures are small and complex electronic components designed for harsh environments and applications; The manufacturer of these components needed an AOI system that could handle high-resolution image recognition tasks with high processing speed. Aetina helped the customer to develop a prototype of the AI-powered AOI system.

An Aetina solution team first trained an AI model capable of finding defective products in factory production lines for the AOI system using NVIDIA TAO on Aetina’s AI training platform – SuperEdge AIP-D422, and then uploaded the model to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) high. Using NVIDIA Fleet Command™, the solutions team deployed the model remotely on Aetina’s AI inference platform – MegaEdge AIP-FQ47 – at NGC’s Aetina’s customer’s factory and successfully prototyped the AOI system.

Now, with AOI cameras, the prototype system is able to significantly speed up the inspection task of locating DRAM products with misplaced corporate stickers with high accuracy in less than a second, compared to a human inspector that typically takes around ten seconds do the same task. In the future, when the AI-assisted AOI system is fully built, it will be installed at Aetina’s customer’s factory to perform inspection tasks on multiple production lines.

In addition, NVIDIA Fleet Command™ enables Aetina’s solutions team to rapidly update the AI ​​model on edge devices in Aetina’s customers’ factory production lines, enabling efficient remote AI management – a key to successfully deploying edge AI.

The end-to-end AI management solution is part of the Aetina Pro-AI Service, which supports global partners and customers to introduce AI for various vertical applications alongside AOI in factories with Aetina’s Edge AI hardware and software.

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