Terminus Group Appoints Dr. Hua Xiansheng as CTO

Beijing, China–(Newsfile Corp. – September 26, 2022) – The Terminus Group, the global provider of smart services and AIoT solutions, has officially announced the appointment of Dr. Hua Xiansheng (Aaron Hua) as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). As a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Dr. Hua also a distinguished scientist and member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Terminus Group Appoints Dr. Hua Xiansheng officially appointed CTO of the company

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dr Hua will be responsible for planning the group’s research and development (R&D) of next-generation and innovative technologies, executing the strategy of product and technology development, and promoting commercialization and application in key areas such as urban digitalization and sustainability.

Before joining the Terminus Group, Dr. Hua on MIT Technology Review’s “Innovators Under 35” list. In addition, Dr. Hua director of City Brain Lab, Damo Academy’s AI center, vice president and senior researcher of Alibaba Group, and responsible for technological research and development and application in the field of visual intelligent computing on the cloud. In this latter role, Drs. Hua and his team implemented several national projects at provincial and municipal levels, including in Hangzhou, Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Hua: “I am very honored to join Terminus to further develop the company’s commercialization of innovative technology.

“We are currently going through the third stage of a profound development of AIoT technology. In the first two phases, we achieved a deep integration of machine learning and industry scenarios, which made it clear that all industries will be affected by the technology. However, the core value of the technology has yet to penetrate deep into the industry to solve practical problems.

“In the third phase, we should encourage more industry practitioners to join, combine the skills of AIoT technology and product experts, and solve real-world problems in creative ways. This requires us to better develop the capabilities of AIoT, make the technology more platform-oriented and adopt systematization, and drive the implementation and reform of AIoT together with industry experts.

according to dr Hua is one of the main reasons for joining the Terminus Group that the company will put into practice the skills of the third stage of technology development, create real and irreplaceable value for many industries, and truly realize AIoT at scale “landing”.

dr Hua’s academic reputation is also highly regarded, having published more than 300 articles in mainstream international conferences and journals. As an individual, he holds more than 100 authorized patents and has been Associate Editor of several academic journals. dr Hua has also chaired the program committee of leading academic conferences such as ACM Multimedia and IEEE ICME, and won Best Paper Awards at many international conferences and journals.

dr Hua’s achievements in commercializing scientific research is also one of his major achievements, with a particular focus on large-scale AI analysis, identification, search and mining, and research and development of AI systems. In fact, its research and development achievements in smart city development, industrial manufacturing, medical health, agricultural science and technology, Internet media and other fields have been widely disseminated.

After graduating from Beijing University, Dr. Hua at Microsoft Research Asia, Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Research and has been involved in research and development of multimedia, computer vision and machine learning.

While at Microsoft, Dr. Hua pioneered the development of automatic movie and video search and made a number of technological breakthroughs that are widely used in all Microsoft product lines to this day.

Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Group, welcomed Dr. Hua at the company and said, “We are very pleased to have such an insightful and respected person as Dr. Hua to have at the Terminus Group.

“DR. Hua brings a wealth of experience in scientific research and technology implementation, which will undoubtedly help the company lay a solid foundation for further breakthroughs and large-scale implementation of science and technology.

“Since its inception, Terminus Group has been committed to creating unique products and the application and development of AIoT technology. Onboarding the right people who can help Terminus Group achieve their strategic upgrade to transform their technology and landing experiences into platform-based applications to meet the changing market environment and demand.”

dr Hua joins fellow IEEE grantees Dr. Ling Shao and Dr. Yang Yang, who also recently joined Terminus Group, each responsible for the company’s technology research and development towards AI and IoT with mature technology research and development and business implementation experience teams.

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