LG Business Solutions introduces new cloud computing suite

The new range of LG cloud computing products supports work at all levels from anywhere, with seamless endpoint integration designed to enhance collaboration in the workplaces of the future.

LG ‘Business Solutions’ has unveiled the company’s full range of endpoint cloud computing products. Designed to meet the growing demands of Australian businesses and the changing needs of individuals.

Fast, affordable, and secure, cloud computing solutions help streamline and optimize operations in a wide range of workplaces, including hybrid and corporate offices, education, government, and healthcare.

The LG cloud computing range includes both thin-client and zero-client solutions for all hardware, including thin-client “all-in-one” monitors, box-type thin and zero-clients and the LG Gram thin client laptops.

Powered by a quad-core processor, LG thin client monitors offer a range of features that support productivity across a wide range of business areas, including the ability to connect multiple monitors for greater efficiency, and a USB Type-C™ connection for 4K high-resolution images and fast data transfer.

Meanwhile, LG Zero Client monitors are ideal for high-security environments, such as B. Government organizations as they help reduce the risk of data loss or theft as they do not have a local operating system.

In addition, LG Zero Client devices encrypt data for secure and fast transmissions, increasing processing time for greater productivity while extending battery life.

The new LG Gram offers the mobile user the performance, increased security and cost-effectiveness of a desktop in a portable and full-featured laptop.

Paired with LG’s extensive range of monitors and displays, users can enjoy a powerful operating platform while reaping the benefits of a super-lightweight device with long battery life and a Full HD webcam that supports multiple VDIs.

“The future of connectivity in the workplace depends on secure, reliable and collaborative technology. As we’ve seen over the past few years with companies migrating to the cloud, these considerations are more important than ever,” said Angelo Koulos, Head of Business Development and Sales for Cloud Solutions at LG Business Solutions Australia.

“LG cloud computing devices are designed to create a more efficient1 and richer work environment for businesses at all levels across a wide range of industries.”

“The broad compatibility of our cloud computing devices across cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and AWS, virtualization platforms like Citrix and VMware, and NVIDIA GRID vGPU™ to name a few.”

“Australian businesses will experience seamless endpoint integration that balances improved productivity and collaboration with advanced security at a competitive investment,” he added.

Supporting the future of corporate work

In Australia and New Zealand, 44 percent of CIOs plan to increase funding for cloud platforms this year2, and this rapid adoption of cloud computing offers other benefits, including cost-efficiency, security, and reliability.

With many Australian companies embracing hybrid work models and addressing the demands of the future of work, the fast processing speeds of LG cloud computing solutions help companies connect workers from different locations to work at scale.

In addition, LG solutions support the evolving needs of businesses. By replacing desktop computers with smaller moving parts and saving time for administrators, tasks can be simplified with seamless and reliable compatibility between Office applications via Azure WVD or internal VDI systems.

In fact, efficiency goes a long way with LG’s cloud computing range, where moving from a traditional PC system to a VDI environment can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for businesses by up to 51%.3

The LG UltraWide™ Display (34CN650N and 34CN650W) can replace multiple display setups to boost productivity for executives and C-suite workers who need easy access to spreadsheets, budgets and data. This allows users to use up to two 4K UHD resolution displays to get more done in less time. The screen can be used to display multiple windows at the same time and easily share screens with colleagues.

Ideal for larger teams, the Box Type Thin Client (CL600N and CL600W) supports up to three displays in total, while its compatibility with a range of interfaces such as USB Type-C™ allows users to transfer data, video and audio simultaneously at high speeds and deliver up to 60W of system charging power for single-cable devices.

Distance learning made easy

Educational institutions are increasingly transitioning to distance learning models to provide students with more flexibility and to include those in remote areas. Therefore, there is a growing need for centralized computing to provide fast, reliable, and secure access to resources and information via the cloud.

With desktop devices like LG’s all-in-one thin client line, students, staff and teachers can easily access valuable research tools by logging into a virtual desktop from any available desktop computer.

It also greatly reduces the risk of a data breach by minimally compromising endpoints and ensuring data stays secure in a centralized data center.

At the same time, educational institutions can reduce operational costs by streamlining administrative and technical support. Cloud-based digital learning environments can help reduce the need for licenses and hardware, allowing students to access up-to-date information anywhere, anytime.

Scale securely in government workplaces

Recent years have proven the importance of having digital services that can handle peak demand, and LG cloud computing solutions can help government jobs expand digital outlets without experiencing service disruptions.

LG Thin Client runs virtual desktops and applications in the data center, helping to reduce the risk of malware, viruses and information leakage taking root at the endpoint. This, in turn, will strengthen security and increase resilience to cybersecurity failures or threats.

In fact, by using LG Thin Client, a government workplace can update an entire fleet of devices from one central terminal, eliminating the need to constantly update individual devices while saving costs.”

LG thin client desktop monitors and mobile devices with built-in IPS display technology support team collaboration and allow users to see clear images and on-screen content, including charts and reports, at angles of up to 178 degrees.

The solutions also enable employees to access files and collaborate remotely without compromising security and reduce the need to install a personal desktop and monitor at every desk in the office.

Various interfaces, including the latest USB Type-C connection, allow users to view high-resolution images up to 4K and transfer data quickly.

With no local data storage, LG Zero Client devices can also help reduce the risk of data theft or loss, making them ideal for highly secure government workplaces.

The 24CK550Z with teradici PCoIP® performs HW decoding, helping the CPU do more work and extending battery life while ensuring no data is found once it is unplugged to ensure a high level of security Offer. This is similar to the CBV42-BP desktop device, which works with an independent monitor.

Seamless access in health settings

As seen in recent years, healthcare professionals are increasingly relying on digital platforms to augment public health services while managing ongoing security and privacy risks. Therefore, the LG cloud computing range is effective for healthcare workplaces where centralized data centers ensure fast and reliable access to patient records and reduce management costs without the risk of data breaches.

Devices like LG’s 24-inch all-in-one healthcare thin client (24CN670N and 24CN670W) enable healthcare professionals to securely log on and access information and resources from a protected data center.

In addition, its white color ensures that substances such as dust are clearly visible to ensure a high level of cleanliness.

The built-in IPS display can support multiple configurations, including tilt, swivel, and swivel, as well as dual-monitor workstations to present clear and vivid images from wide viewing angles for enhanced team collaboration.

With a built-in dual-band RFID module, multiple people can use the device as a personalized thin client. This is useful for shift work, as different employees can log into their personal virtual desktop on a single device.

The RFID module improves security and helps prevent sensitive data leakage by facilitating end-user customization options such as: B. Controlling who has permission to log in to the thin client.

It is also approved to medical standards (IEC60601, CE MDD and FDA Class I)4 ensuring its reliability for a medical environment, while its white body helps to easily remove substances such as dust and dirt to maintain the highest level of cleanliness5 and promote patient safety.

With less hardware and fewer moving parts, LG Zero Client products offer high healthcare reliability and a smaller footprint that is ideal for environments such as operating theaters and hospital rooms where bulkier devices are not suitable.

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